hitting the fork button on github

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The github (sf.net clone) has one big difference in the ui: a button called fork.

You simply copy any repo. into your own and fork it. The result is public so it follows the open source idea quite well.


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If you're unhappy with your IDE (for whatever reason), you might want to try out Netbeans. The PHP support is rather new and not too stable yet, but apart from the download package being really small (the zip file containing both windows and linux binaries is only 30mb large - 90mb unpacked), it provides some really nice features/advantages:

  • No more "Building workspace", indexing of projects takes seconds
  • It's really fast
  • It not only has code completion for PHP but also for CSS and JavaScript
  • It shows browser compatibilities of JavaScript functions / methods / properties
  • Very easy, good and fast renaming functionality (in the source code). Just type Ctrl+R, when you're on a variable or method and all the occurences in the file are renamed at the same time
  • It's open source

Apart from that, it provides standard features like CVS / SVN support, defining projects and so on.

I have used Zend Studio for Eclipse so far (which is already quite good in my opinion), but I was really impressed how good Netbeans is when Petr Pisl demonstrated it to me at the International PHP Conference 2008. Since then, I'm only using Netbeans. According to Petr one of the next versions will also have Symfony support.

When using it, you have to remind yourself, that the php support is still far from being finished and that it still has some bugs. You can download Netbeans at http://php.netbeans.org - the latest version is 6.5 RC2.