The future of this blog

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I haven't really posted much in a long time. This is due to the fact, that I'm moving towards agile coaching and thus I'm developing less every day. I don't know if and when there will be new content here. I started a new blog though, you can find it at

Since I just cancelled the domain (it will probably still stay a year or so), in the future you can find this blog at

Speaking at PHP Conference 2009 about Scrum

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Today (November, 15th) I'm giving a workshop about Scrum basics at the PHP Conference 2009 in Karlsruhe, Germany together with my colleague Sebastian Schürmann. If you're new to scrum and/or have never heard about it, it should be a quite interesting workshop for you.

Article "Mobile Webapplications" in german PHP Magazin

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As of today issue 1.2010 of the german "PHP Magazin" is available, containing my article "Mobile Webapplications" with tips & tricks for developing your own Mobile Webapplication using PHP.

As for the "OOP in JavaScript" series: I didn't forget about it, I just didn't have enough time to write the fourth part of it which will be covering scoping.

PHPTestFest 2009

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Quoting from

TestFest 2009

The TestFest is an event that aims at improving the code coverage of the test suite for the PHP language itself. As part of this event, local User Groups (UG) are invited to join the TestFest. These UGs can meet physically or come together virtually. The point however is that people network to learn together. Aside from being an opportunity for all of you to make friends with like minded people in your (virtual) community, it also will hopefully reduce the work load for the mentors. All it takes is someone to organize a UG to spearhead the event and to get others involved in writing phpt tests. The submissions will then be reviewed by members of before getting included in the official test suite.

Fine, the next event is on its way. I hope there is a thing at Liip offices Zurich again, but instead of just raiding Pierres (Munich) home again i hope to get some resources from my company.

  • There is need for download space, I guess we can provide that. Our website has lots of bandwith.
  • Maybe Burda can provide an Open Space to use for 2 days. The CXO offices turned out little tricky to use but this time i try to get the new cafe they opened just for reasons like this
  • I hope some people from the team will join the effort
We'll see what happens ;) Last Year was a lot of fun and a lot of learning. I hope i can provide one or two Tests with more sense than last year.

Hello i am the new guy

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My Name is  Sebastian Schürmann and i am the new guy on board. Dominik allowed me to use this blog as well to express my thoughts about

  • Development
  • Agile stuff
  • and so on

First post follows soon.

Seven dwarfs, eh things about me you don’t really want to know

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Since I got selected by Ralf Eggert to tell 7 random and weird things about me, here is my first non-coding related post in this blog:

  • I did my first webpage in MS Word(!) back in 1998 and uploaded it with a 14,4k modem (Those were the days!)
  • Like Ralf, I have a red-green color blindness
  • According to my gf my shorts have strange colors
  • I finished playing Half-Life 2 today and started with HL2 Episode One
  • David Hasselhoff is my personal hero ;D
  • I don't like Sushi
  • Favorite quote: Eat your vegetables! (From the movie "Shoot 'Em Up")

Now it's the turn of the following 7 people:

And here are the rules

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  • Share seven facts about yourself in the post - some random, some wierd.
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What this blog is about

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I wanna use this blog to write about developing with php (combined with mysql).

It definately won't be about "Today I programmed xy, which was a lot of fun", it will rather be about hacks, performance tweaks, strange bugs (that you should now about) or general stuff (like useful design patterns) for php and web development.

About me: I work as a developer at CHIP Xonio Online GmbH, where I am the release manager and the second scrum master of the price comparison (check or