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This common typo will never bug you again!

function var_dumpo()
$arguments = func_get_args();
call_user_func_array('var_dump', $arguments);


invalid XML tag syntax

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If you should come across this error message in your JavaScript console and the error is thrown in a JavaScript file that is included via <script src="js/somefile.js" type="text/javascript">: Check that there are no script Tags in your .js file

MySQL server has gone away

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Today we had a database crisis due to a powercut. Apart from corrupted tables (because of the immediate "shutdown") we also had another problem: CLI scripts/cronjobs suddenly threw a MySQL server has gone away Exception after a really short amount of time (maybe 30 seconds)

I found this useful list, the only problem was: all the points didn't match for my case. So we came up with an own list that we worked through:

  • Flush privileges
  • Restore the User grants/privileges
  • Restart the MySQL server
  • dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.0 (or similar)

In our case restarting the MySQL server fixed the problem.